Senin, 17 Oktober 2016

Konza Prairie (Padang Rumput Konza)

Tiba-tiba saja saya terserang perasaan bersalah. Heran juga dengan perasaan ini karena kenyataannya saya toh tidak banyak menonton Netflix akhir-akhir ini :p.

Rupa-rupanya serangan tersebut lantaran saya jarang sekali menulis tentang perjalanan saya disini:  selama saya tinggal di Kansas, belajar di Kansas State University, jalan-jalan ke tempat-tempat menarik, dan pembelajaran apapun yang saya alami di US. Sebelum saya pulang kembali ke Indonesia (yang saya harapi, imani, yakini, fokusi, mantapi untuk tidak lebih dari sembilan bulan kedepan) dan gigit jari akibat merindu tempat-tempat disini, alangkah baiknya saya mulai menulis. Dimulai dari sekarang. 
The time is now now Now Now NOW :p

Lalu saya pun berpikir keras sekeras kemauan saya untuk segera lulus: kita mulai menulis dari mana ini cin? Menelusur kembali kumpulan foto di hard disc 1 tera byte saya yang saya beli dengan harga Rp.1.150.000 pada 11 Juni 2014 kelam (informasi absurd apa-apaan ini?), saya menemui folder petualangan 4 orang ninja Asia Tenggara di Padang Rumput Konza (Konza Prairie).

Tepatnya di tanggal 25 Oktober 2015, Pak Ruli dan kak Shima mengajak mbak Tia dan saya untuk jalan-jalan sambil berolah raga di padang yang luas ini. Waktu itu sudah masuk musim gugur dengan kisaran udara 15 celcius (cieee sudah setahun berlalu masih ingat suhu udara :p). Kami sudah diingatkan untuk menggunakan sepatu olahraga yang nyaman. Memang betul, jalurnya cukup menanjak dan berkelok sehingga dibutuhkan stamina yang baik dan tentu pakaian yang mendukung sesuai dengan musim.

Saya cukup terperangah saat tiba di Konza Prairie. Padang rumput yang merupakan bagian dari area Flint Hills ini adalah rumah bagi vegetasi alami native tallgrass prairie, rerumputan yang bergoyang tinggi.
Karena waktu itu sudah musim gugur, semuanya berubah coklat. Saya lantas langsung teringat akan padang-padang di Sumba Timur yang pernah saya nikmati, juga disaat mereka sedang cokelat-cokelatnya.

Karena waktu itu sedang weekend, banyak juga pengunjung yang datang. Berbeda dengan kami, mereka datang untuk banyak berolahraga bukannya berfoto-foto :D. Jalurnya cukup panjang dan sedikit menantang di beberapa tanjakan. Tergantung kekuatan kaki dan hati kita seberapa panjang hendak meniti jajaran limestone. Rombongan kami mungkin berjalan kurang lebih 5 km (semoga tidak berlebihan). Lumayan sekali untuk berolahraga sambil menikmati padang rumput khas Kansas. Berikut foto-foto kami:

Kak Shima dengan Pakaian yang Cocok untuk Trekking 

Walau Ngos-Ngosan, Tetap Pasang Senyum Tegar
(Paling kiri: Saya, kak Shima, mbak Tia)
Foto diambil oleh pak Ruli Wibowo

Terlihat Pengunjung Lainnya di Jalur Trekking

Mbak Tia dan Tallgrass

Mbak Tia dan Saya Menatap Entah Apa
Difoto oleh Kak Shima Wibowo

Pak Ruli dan Kak Shima :)

Rabu, 12 Oktober 2016

The Area of Vulnerability

The area of vulnerability
Is ignored most of the time
Ashamed will we be
To ever expose such thing
Frightened will we become
To even simply deal with it
But when the time comes,
It comes as a darkest nightmare;
Keeps our tears away from hiding.

Early Fall; Oct 12, 2016

Jumat, 23 September 2016

Love Inside the Subway

New York Subway.
This is the magic transportation in New York City that will bring you everywhere within the five boroughs of NYC, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week as long as you have the magic Metro Card with enough credit in it. This subway is so old and popular, maybe because the old ones usually are well known, or it might be the complexity and the availability that make it so popular. Another hypothesis is perhaps because the location is in New York. Everybody knows New York.

And maybe because it is in New York, there are always tons of stories (I was going to say drama though) around everywhere. Including the subway. The couples who are kissing each other goodbye in the subway station's stair. The young girl who squeezes while kisses her boyfriend in one of the station's pillars: because love is in the air, even in the stuffy subway station's air. A tourist who hands the big subway route map. The subway musician: some of them are good. The drunken beggar. For me, everything is so entertaining. Looking at the New Yorkers, immigrants, tourists, and whoever they are - how they dress for example - is very amusing.

It was a Saturday night in a summer month when I was getting inside the subway in a rush. I was not busy, but rushing. Just because I had learned that it is the unwritten yet readable law in NY that you should rush. It was around 10pm when the busy hour had passed. So the train was not full; in fact, there were many empty seats.

I settled down and made myself comfortable inside one of the cars. Some people, not too many, were there in the same car with me. I used to peek around a little bit (in everywhere I am in instant). Which I think it is normal, people do that everywhere every time. In my case, I do that because of my old habit to observe people; not in the sense of judging, just purely for the sake of vision entertainment. I swept a look for that full air conditioned room. The most interesting thing was actually right in front of my seat.

There were two people (about their late 20's or early 30's) in a not-so-common "sitting" position. A man and a woman. The man was sitting straight up with his head thrown back avoiding the curious eyes from people around (I thought I was the only one). And the woman, she was peacefully curled up sleeping on his lap. It might seemed like quite normal. But it was their look. The man, he had a Hollywood face. I mean, he looked like an actor or a model: white, handsome, tall, perfect face line. But in the very humble outfit. His left hand was tenderly holding the sleeping lady, keeping her in that comfort position. That hand, it wasn't seemed to be washed regularly based on it's long and black nail tip.

I looked at the woman. I wanted to make sure that she really fell asleep. Apparently, she did. It could be a long day for her. Similar to the man's hand, this woman's hair was not looked to be washed regularly. I might had seen and observed too much. But I believed that these looks were also the reason why others were peeking on them.

I did not stop there. Of course, my curious mind won't stop. My eyes caught a backpack laid under the seat, more precisely under the woman's feet. And then I found something that turned me mellow for the rest of the night and many times after when I remember that scene. I saw a sheet of brown cardboard emerged from that backpack, too big to be hidden inside. There was some handwriting note with black marker on it. My heart skipped it's beat. That cardboard was obviously the typical one you see the homeless people hold on the road, asking for some mercy tips.

I bowed my head down as my heart cried. I just could not imagine how hard their life was. I didn't have an idea how long she had been sleeping there. Or had they had eaten something that night. Soon enough, a couple of stations, the man gently woke the woman up. Maybe he was not very comfortable with the look that he got. The woman (still sleepy with her eyes red) put her shoes up and right after the train stopped, they left.

They left me there mused.
Wondering how their life; how their love; and how their love life was going.
I wanted to say happy Saturday night to them. May the richness of love and happiness was and always be in their heart.

Picture source:

Manhattan-KS, 092316

Sabtu, 17 September 2016


There are so many beauty things around me that I just couldn't resist to share, simply because I can't keep this level of magnificence for myself. Here are some of them, the lovely creatures which sometimes it needs the careful eyes (or a good lens) to capture their magic. Oh well, an honest confession: they are actually very much more alluring in the real world <3.

Butterfly on Shasta Daisy

Welcoming Fall 2016

Sweet Tooth

La Vie En Rose

Wee Purple Pride

Sweet Tooth 2

The Loving Bugs

Selasa, 06 September 2016

The Happiest One Around

The world knew you as the happiest man alive.
People noticed you for your unbeatable powerful energy.
Friends stuck around because of your jokes; you laugh hard, the loudest one.
You did the silliest things to make the life less serious.
You made people happy, just by looking at you.

Did you have any idea about life and death?
Where is your soul when people cry over your body?
Are you there watching the world from the other dimension?
Have you transformed into other form?

Because if you were the sun; you are the one that makes the sky blue and the birds sing cheerfully.
If you were the wind; you are kind of wind that blows everyone's hair up.
If you were the wave; you are the wave that holds people's feet closer to the ocean.
If you were the flower; you are the flower with the brightest color.
And yes you are. You are those kind of things.

We will see you, AS, we will see you as the happiest one around...

Manhattan, Kansas; in memory of a friend.
Sept 6, 2016

Senin, 05 September 2016

Rosy Soul

If you see an exceptionally delicate and beautiful rose, you don't pick it.
You leave the rose to bloom, age, meet bees and bugs.
Of course there's always a possibility that the storm tonight will weep it off;
Or the heat stroke tomorrow afternoon will suck out it's moisture; and you'll lose it.
But you must let it. You suppose to let it taste the life. That way, the rose will feel the rain and the sun with it's own petals.
You leave it free, that way you can admire it your whole time.

An exceptionally delicate and beautiful rose which happened to meet me one day at K-State garden

If you meet an extraordinarily beautiful soul, you don't keep it for your own ego.
You leave the soul to live, mature, and shine.
Of course there's always a possibility that you'll be lonely; and the chance you'll never be able to meet such an incredible thing again.
Part of life, you know :)
You must let it. You suppose to let it choose it's own journey and belief. That way, the soul would keep beautifully shining, radiate this world in the best way it could.
You leave it free, that way you can admire it your entire life.

Manhattan, KS - Sept 4, 2016

Kamis, 25 Agustus 2016


On the ocean of dreams
Under the sky of possibilities

Upon the air of fairy tales
Amongst countless of genies

Out the songs of hope
Surrounded by the lyrics of healing

Up high to the atmosphere of luck
Above the deepness of mystery

"Sky isn't Necessary the Limit" (A view of Manhattan, New York City on July 2016)

Manhattan, Kansas,
One fine evening on 08/24/16